Zilliqa & Ethereum Mining: How-To Guide (that even non-techy people can understand)

If you’re not a super tech-savvy individual like me, then this guide is made just for you.

If you ARE super tech-savvy, well, this guide can still help you too!

I will show you step-by-step how to mine both Zilliqa and Ethereum at the same time (called dual-mining). With my help, it won’t be that hard.

Where will we be mining from?

In this guide, we will be using a mining pool called EZIL.

A mining pool simply means that lots of different people who are mining are pulling their resources together and splitting the rewards equally according to the amount of work each miner puts in.

So if your computer (specifically, your GPU) is more powerful, you’ll be contributing more processing power to the group/pool. And, therefore, your cut of the rewards will be bigger!

What do I need to get started mining?

  1. ⚡️ Electricity (obvi)
  2. 💲 A Zilliqa wallet (I explain how to get one below)
  3. 💲 An Ethereum wallet (I explain how to get one below)
  4. 🖥 A desktop (with a minimum 6GB or 6000MB GPU. You can check how much you have here.)

Note: It is possible to mine using a laptop, but I highly advise against it. There’s a chance your laptop could overheat and fry. If you’re unsure if your specific laptop is good or not, I would just Google something along the lines of “Is the [your laptop name] laptop okay for mining cryptocurrency?” and go from there.

How to get Ethereum and Zilliqa Wallets

(If you already have Ethereum and Zilliqa wallets, you can skip this whole section.)

You’ll need a place to receive your Ethereum and Zilliqa rewards — and that’s through Ethereum and Zilliqa wallets.

Digital wallets, like Ethereum wallets and Zilliqa wallets, are devices, physical mediums, programs, or services that store a public and/or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions.

If that sounds like gibberish — they’re basically like your physical wallet, except that they’re digital, and you can access them through a password, key phrases, etc.

You can create wallets through different cryptocurrency exchanges. You’ll want to find an exchange that offers both Zilliqa and Ethereum wallets, such as:

  • Binance: If you’re in the United States, use this link (currently available in all states but these). If you’re NOT in the United States, use this link.
  • Huobi: available only to those not in the United States through this link.
  • Gate.io: available to all through this link.
  • Kucoin: available to these countries through this link.

Steps to mine Ethereum and Zilliqa

1. Open meg.nz. You should be seeing this:

2. Download the appropriate file for you by double clicking on it OR right-clicking on it->Download->Standard Download. For most people, you’ll probably want to download this one:

3. Once it’s downloaded, you’ll see a folder called ‘PhoenixMiner_5.4c_Windows’. Right-click on it and click on ‘Open’:

4. Now you’ll see a number of files within the folder. Right-click on the file named ‘start_miner’. Then click on ‘Open’:

5. You will see a popup like the below screenshot. Click on ‘Extract all’ and follow the simple steps until it’s extracted.

6. Now go back and right-click on ‘start_miner’. Then click on ‘Edit’:

7. You will see that Notepad has opened with the below showing. Keep this open and in the background as we move forward.

8. Open https://ezil.me/. You should see this website:

EZIL’s homepage

9. Click on ‘START’ at the top of the page:

10. You’ll see a page like the below:

11. On this page, since we’re mining Ethereum and Zilliqa, click on the ‘ETH+ZIL’ button:

12. Choose the region that is closest to you:

13. Paste in your Ethereum wallet address here:

(I greyed out my address for privacy reasons)

You’ll find your Ethereum wallet address through the cryptocurrency exchange you set up in the section called “How to get Ethereum and Zilliqa Wallets.”

Here’s an example of how an Ethereum wallet address might look: 0x89205A3A3b2A69De6Dbf7f01ED13B2108B2c43e7

(Example of where you would find your Ethereum address on Binance.US)

14. Paste in your Zilliqa wallet address here:

Note: A Zilliqa address starts with: zil……..

15. Create any name for yourself you want:

16. You’ll see that your changes have populated in the PHOENIX section. Copy this code using the ‘Copy’ button to the right side:

17. Going back to Notepad, replace the highlighted section with the code you just copied by pasting over it:

Section to replace is highlighted here
Screenshot after replacing it (greyed out the sensitive info)

18. Save the Notepad file by going to File > Save

19. Go back to the file called ‘start_miner’. Right click on it, then click on ‘Open’:

20. A new window will open that looks like the below screenshot. The program will run automatically, so just keep it open in the background as it mines away!

Congratulations, you’re officially an Ethereum and Zilliqa miner!! 🍾🎉🎊

How to see your rewards and status 👀

Let’s now go through the steps to see your rewards and mining status.

1. Copy the highlighted section seen in the screenshot below from the Notepad file you had opened earlier. This is essentially your Ethereum and Zilliqa wallet addresses appended together but separated by a period.

2. Back at the EZIL website, paste the copied text to the search bar at the top-right corner of the screen. Then click on ‘Login’:

3. You’ll then see a screen like the below screenshot:

4. If you click on ‘workers,’ you’ll see the name you created for yourself earlier in the table below it. Don’t worry if you’re not there immediately — it can take a few minutes for you to appear online. So just sip some tea and wait to show up. 🍵

5. If you’d like to receive 0.1% of the income as a cashback for the first two weeks after joining the pool, you can enter this code to the PROMO section in the top-right corner: 912f.

It’ll help you earn more, but it also helps me out! 🙏

6. If you want to see when you’ll receive your payout, check this page out: https://ezil.timelapsehc.com/en/a/kak-vyviesti-moniety-kak-sdielat-vyplatu

Here’s a hot tip 🔥

Since you might be running your GPU hard, you’ll want to monitor how hot it gets.

Generally, you’ll want to keep it at 80

Here’s an article from PC World on how to monitor the temperature: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3396643/how-to-check-your-graphics-card-gpu-temperature.html

Here’s an article on safe mining temperatures: https://cryptovoid.net/safe-mining-temp/

Did you get it? Like a hot tip?? Ok, I’m done now…

Don’t go sparking mad ⚡️

Running your computer for long periods of time will incur higher electricity costs.

So monitor your electricity bills closely!

Are you a tipper? 💁‍♂️ 💁‍♀️

So was this article helpful? I definitely hope so!

If you’re the generous sort of person, I humbly accept Ethereum and Zilliqa tips, which you can send to my crypto wallets. No need to though! 😄

Zilliqa Wallet: zil15husm06aeyakkvj2wzy9t459ugnn5kf6a4h6sz

Ethereum Wallet: 0x6745d0ebbca849bcb1d17eeab38622cfd6206835

Applauses all around 👏👏👏

They’re free!

If this article helped, I’d appreciate a few claps. It will help others find this article too by Medium recommending it to more people.

Let’s get the crypto word out!




Designer, futurist, crypto-lover.

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Designer, futurist, crypto-lover.

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